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Aiming technology to enable business


To serve enterprise customers by providing easily integratable software products and solutions, which are either part of core revenue generation or are part of revenue booster

About Aruhat
Aruhat Technologies is a India based software company, incorporated in the year 2004 in Ahmedabad, with a vision of offering technology for continuous business improvements and innovations backed by core competence’.

Aruhat is moving towards product based solutions around its emerging technologies with its new innovative approach of “Technology Enabling Business” to serve and extend its business reach to the global marketplace with its products DataCrops & TeleOSS.

Our suite of product/services solutions includes



Web extraction platform that assists in taking strategic and competitive business decisions through data collection & analytical insights for any Organization. We have delivered business data to over 1,000 companies throughout the world with our technical expertise.

Telecom VAS delivery platform offers communication technologies viz. SMS, MMS, USSD, eMail, eFax, IVR. It is focused for SMS aggregators, SMS hubbing service providers, Infotainment and providers to launch quiz, polls, top-up, missed call based services.

Ticketing System solutions for ISP, Broadband, CATV service providers and Pharmaceutical, Education & BFSI segments.

5 Es of Our Core Value

  • Emphasize  on  Customer Delivered Value
  • Excellence with Quality
  • Establish Leadership by setting examples
  • Empowerment
  • Ethics

IT Infrastructure
For achieving high efficiency performance, we have transformed 80% of our systems and servers to open source technology. Our IT infrastructure consists of cloud based servers, dedicated servers, dedicated lease lines and network with firewalls to protect internal and external networks from security vulnerabilities.

Result Focused Approach
We focus on results and align all our activities with them. We provide free flow communication from top to bottom; bottom to top for transparency, fast decision making and to promote creative; innovative ideas in the Organization. We invest 2% of the top line revenue in various employee developmental plans. We aim to achieve our goals and create new horizons of success & growth for every stakeholder no matter how big or small – we are associated with. Our mantra is Succeed and Exceed.

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