Ticketing System solutions for ISP, Broadband, CATV service providers and Pharmaceutical, Education & BFSI segments.


Our solutions incorporates following requirements

Ticketing system to manage complaints with escalations

  • Customer complaint logging and notifications via email
  • Help-desk staff can enter complaints received via telephone
  • Technician can close the tickets/complaint after work
  • Email notifications for ticket/complaint correspondence
  • Email notifications for ticket/complaint closing

SMS workflow system

  • To be used to create ticket via SMS by reading from a mobile
  • SMS for complaint status notification/payment tracking/ticket escalations

Ticketing system customization

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Renewal

Integration with multiple API

  • Displaying user information in the ticketing system
  • Maintaining authentication for the user on web portals
  • Logging complaints via web portals and display status
  • display status of complaints to the user in Web portal
  • Ticketing customization and order status notifications
  • Ticketing system and email server for email notifications
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