Culture at Aruhat

Culture is nested in Aruhat which gives free wings to every employee to grow and exhibit their best through free flow of ideas, suggestions and problems to seniors and top management. An air of promoting self motivation to accomplish tasks persists in the environment. People feel homely and friendly with each other. As in our country so in Aruhat, there is no language barrier, every one can express their ideas in any language. Our culture is to focus on results, and align all our activities with Results. With a positive attitude and creative approach to life, Aruhat aims to achieve its goal and create new horizons of success.


Career with Us

Aruhat’s mission includes building a self sustainable Organizational Platform of Growth & Opportunities for Employees. Aruhat empowers its Employees to carry their activities independently and thus use their creativity and innovative trait to their best and delivering incredible results benefiting their Individual Growth and Organizational Success. Employees are encouraged to enhance their Leadership Skills by promoting sense of Responsibility, Result oriented approach, Initiative, Co-ordination, Recognition and Performance focused Appraisal Process.

Aruhat firmly believes in continuous Employee Growth & Human Values and has created related platforms to Promote them with

  1. Opportunities of Cross Domain Experience;
  2. Trainings & Seminars;
  3. Festival Celebrations;
  4. Sports Events;
  5. Quiz & Events Participation;
  6. Knowledge Sharing;
  7. Career Pathing and many more.

If you have an ability & readiness to take challenges, an innovative & dynamic approach, result oriented attitude and leadership qualities then join us. We promote a culture of transparency and openness.

Whether you are a Trainee, Fresher or an Experienced Professional, everyone has an opportunity to Grow at Aruhat in a Competitive, Innovative and Challenging Environment.

We have a team of young, dedicated & energetic professionals with an average age of 27 years work together. Aruhat comprises of 80+ personnels with 200+ Man years of corporate experience, while around 33% of our team has more than 4 years of experience. We provide free flow communication from top to bottom & bottom to top for transparency, fast decision making and to promote creative & innovative ideas in the Organization.
Employees Speak
“As a fresher I join Aruhat, that time I don’t have any knowledge of outsourcing business in an IT field. Slowly, I have learned emerging technologies in data scrapping domain. Now, I have technical expertise in the particular domain. Aruhat provides supportive work culture, which is full of encouragement. After spending three years with Aruhat now management has decided to move me from technical to managerial level, which provides growth to my career. Aruhat provides incentive and rewards of your achievements, employees benefits from time to time, learning opportunities, challenging work every time, supportive team and systematic work distribution. Due to constant development of the company, all the employees have a chance to build their career and also to grow professionally.”
Alpesh Sanghani
Team Leader
“I have completed a little over three years with Aruhat. It seems like a second home to me, and the journey so far has been very pleasant with a lot of learning in the process. I am really proud to say that “I work at ARUHAT”. The factors that have influenced my decision to continue with the organization are its strong values and their reaffirmation at every stage. My team, peers and managers encourage us to think-out-of-the-box and this has given me an opportunity to learn a lot. Our performance gets the recognition it deserves and that motivates us to get better every day.”
Amit Pandya
Support Executive
“At Aruhat if you have the passion to learn and to grow, then this is the right place for you. I joined Aruhat with no knowledge about outsourcing business in an IT field, and now I am handling multiple projects based on new technologies. Aruhat has a friendly and supportive environment which we all share. My managerial skills have improved rapidly especially team building and client interaction.”
Amit Parmar
Associate Team Leader
“This is a great place to learn because everyone here is so co-operative and believes in Team Work. About the company work environment it is open, friendly & flexible. Company has flat organization culture where top management is always accessible. As a trainee company has given me an opportunity to learn and grow”
Ashal Vyas
“I have been associated with Aruhat for the past 1.5 years. First of all, I would like to thank Aruhat for providing me a growing career path to become a sales manager with full of challenges and learning work environment. In Aruhat the exposure is immense, which allows individuals to accept the challenges and follow them through excellence. Here management inspired employees to think out of a box in one or other way by taking ownership of the given task. Aruhat has a dynamic work environment. At last I will say Aruhat provides a platform for growth and opportunities with focus work.”
Bhargav Patel
Sales Manager
“I have started my career as an Executive HR in manufacturing company that time I was completely unaware about the IT sector. On joining ‘Aruhat’ I came to know about the human and Organizational behavior. In ‘Aruhat’, employees have an understanding of what they are doing and are able to link it with its impact. They can approach to any level of the management. ‘Aruhat ‘s work culture is transparent and of sharing profile with its employees. I find here so many opportunity for hardcore HR practice. After joining ‘Aruhat’ I started loving IT sector and culture. ‘Aruhat ‘ works on its values not prices. Company shows clear growth path to its employees. Since I have joined ‘ Aruhat ‘ I have started introspecting myself.
With ‘Aruhat’ I found a culture of ‘ a Will will find a way’…. At last I want to say that Don’t Join Aruhat as employee but join it as its partner. “
Brij Pathak
HR/Admin Manager
“Working environment in Aruhat is really challenging yet flexible and supportive which makes me a better professional. I find myself upgraded with various latest technologies & have developed an urge to learn new things . I am thankful especially to the office admin department of Aruhat as they are always willing to put an extra effort to give a suitable solution to our problems. The best part of the organization for me is that the organizational hierarchy is so flat & concerted that one can approach anyone ranging from the office assistant to the CEO of the firm directly. Getting up every Monday morning does not give me a irksomeness feeling of not going to the office!”
Dhara Thakker
Senior Software Engineer
“I have started my career with Aruhat and learn various roles for the Internet Marketing in few months. My experience with Aruhat has been extremely supportive, motivating and enjoyable. I have the opportunity to learn various skills like team coordination, written and verbal communication and various working methodology related to profile. Aruhat provides good compensation benefits for fresher level and company policies are flexible.”
Dhaval Govani
Internet Marketing Executive
“I choose to work at Aruhat because of the supportive nature of people working here specially my team leader. I believe the people here make the difference. There are challenges and responsibilities at every step of work culture in Aruhat, but supportive seniors have made my work experience full of encouraging and learning both as professionally and personally.”
Falguni Khaimar
“Working at Aruhat is about focusing on employee and customer issues resolution. I handle here pure sales activities to the sale department wise activities. At Aruhat management approach is accessible to any level. Innovative ideas and new thoughts are always welcome here. Working in Aruhat is like working with family members. My team and other employees are cooperative, hard-working, and friendly.“
Hardik Raval
“Aruhat’s work culture is a combination of supportive management and employee. Aruhat has given me an opportunity to work on new emerging technology, their understanding and how to overcome business challenges in terms of client understanding. Aruhat corporate environment is full of teamwork, growth and innovativeness. There is new learning day by day at Aruhat. For any organisational or personal issues, higher management involves and solves it.“
Hetal Oza
Software Developer
“My three years in ARUHAT has been very challenging and memorable with tremendous Work Satisfaction. In ARUHAT, we are always encouraged to have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude… which is driving factor to do the best in all we do. We are ONE big family, where TRUST and belief in our Mission are our greatest Asset. It has been a great experience working with ARUHAT which is new everyday and has helped me to learn and appreciate ever-changing business challenges and opportunities better. Everyday, I feel challenged to do a bit more & better. I am attracted by the friendliness & accessibility of my seniors and colleagues. It gives me a feeling of being in an extended family. ARUHAT empowers & grooms us to decide & define the path we want to go. My work has made a positive impact on my life.”
Jaimin Patel
System Engineer
“My journey with Aruhat started six months ago i.e. on September 2010. The exposure that I have gained during such a short interval of time is immense. Handling multiple tasks and complete freedom of working in own style has sharpened my skills and helped me to grow as a professional. All the activities in Aruhat are ethical in nature, which provides company good brand image in the market. At Aruhat, I have build up sales attitude at an expert level. Company culture is full of knowledge sharing and gaining, challenging, encouraging and motivating. Aruhat organizational structure is flat, even fresher views are welcome.”
Jayesh Unakar
Sr. Sales Executive
“This is my third year in Aruhat, and I have enjoyed my work all through the years. This is a place where you can work on various technologies that shape your career growth. It is a place where employees skills is valued more. At Aruhat work goes smooth, even if there are any hurdles at an operational level. Aruhat provides a complete freedom of working , flexibility, and friendly work culture.”
Jigar Shukla
Unit Manager
“Aruhat is a place where each employee view is welcome and talent is always recognized and rewarded. As designer Aruhat has given me an enough opportunity to learn new technologies in web designing and graphic. Aruhat has a culture of transparency and openness. Aruhat provides a friendly environment which encourages every individual to learn, lead and succeed both professionally and personally.”
Jyoti Shukla
Web Designer
“Aruhat provides a platform of learning to every individual who joins as a part of our Aruhat family. At Aruhat, you can shape your career growth. Aruhat has given me the opportunity to work with latest technologies, which in turn has helped me to grow professionally.“
Kalpesh Barot
Network Engineer
“I have been a part of Aruhat since 2007 and each day in Aruhat is a new learning and rewarding experience for me. Company has a never give up attitude which I like most. Aruhat provides all kind of supports to its employees in achieving their goals which are aligned with organisations goals. I truly feel that in Aruhat talent is always rewarded because I myself is been rewarded as a best performer of the year. In Aruhat I find approachable management, friendly people and dynamic work environment.”
Maulik Jyotishi
Unit Manager
“At Aruhat, there is a systematic allocation of work and we get the privilege to think out-of-the-box and take complete ownership of the work we do. My colleagues and seniors are always helpful in sharing knowledge. Career growth & opportunities are clear at Aruhat. We have centralize system for knowledge sharing which I like most.”
Mitesh Pandya
Associate.Team Leader
“If you like challenging work environment, then Aruhat is for you. Aruhat is my first company, since I have started working here I learned new technologies, gained practical knowledge, learned how to resolve client issues and their requirement understanding. Aruhat has grown up at a very fast level in the past years. Due to consistent development of the company, all the employees have a chance to build a great career ahead.“
Mukesh D. Patel
Sr. Software Engineer
“Working for Aruhat makes me feel like a family, & I strongly believe that company has a tremendous growth opportunity for its employees. Talking about colleagues, they are co-operative, helpful and motivate me in my work. Overall experience is great, I am getting to learn new things from different people – my colleagues, my seniors and from every member of Aruhat family. My special thanks goes to my manager who always supports me. I am looking forward to learn and develop skill sets with Aruhat.“
Neha Surya
Marketing Executive
“I am glad to be part of a dynamic and focused company. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Aruhat. I have learned many new emerging technologies in Android mobile application, which was completely new to me. Aruhat gives an opportunity to build a career and also to grow professionally as a specialist.”
Nehal Modasiya
Team Leader
“At Aruhat, I got a chance to work on multiple software languages. Aruhat has given me a platform to improve and learn new skills like direct client interactions, email communication and managerial skills. Complete Authority or empowerment of every single project been assigned brings people to Aruhat. Here fresher gets an equal opportunity to work on big or small projects. Aruhat has a flat organisational structure.”
Nishant Solanki
Jr. Software Developer
“From Sales Executive to Manager – Marketing, the Growth has been tremendous and satisfactory by a Growth Path well set at Aruhat. Leadership and Managerial Traits are highly motivated at Aruhat with kinds of challenges that prompt you to take decisions, think innovative, be owners for your tasks, Dig deep into road blocks and resolve them. The rational and dynamic culture at Aruhat is something that runs as adrenaline in my blood & keeps me motivated to give my best and would like every Stakeholder of Aruhat feel the same adrenalin rush. We have to go a lonnnng way and we have just started.”
Prasanjit Das
Manager – Marketing
“I have been an integral part of Aruhat since last 2.5 years. What motivates me to be in Aruhat is primarily a sense of ownership in the company i.e. nobody is treated merely as employee here. On top of that, Efficient systems and processes, Top Management’s unparalleled vision and their persistent focus on growth are great motivating factors. Company is growing rapidly and the fruits of growth are shared amongst employees. Everyone wants to contribute his/her best towards growth. Aruhat has professional work culture with zero politics & we maintain a very healthy work environment wherein team spirit is visible at every level.
Aruhat provides enormous learning opportunities. Being a part of Aruhat, I got opportunity to develop and refine many skills such as detailed planning, how to remain cool even in toughest situation, how to keep balance among multiple responsibilities, efficient people management, prudent finance management, Strategy Formulation, how to keep operations aligned with strategic goals of organization etc.
At last I want to summarize my experience by saying this : ‘If you are positive, Aruhat will be twice positive for you.’”
Ronak Shah
Unit Manager
“What attracted me to ARUHAT was the immense career growth opportunity. Aruhat provides an open, friendly, supportive and flexible work environment. The management is supportive and encourages research on new technologies. Working in Aruhat is a sum of learning, having fun and growing together.”
Suman Das
Web Designer
“I am glad to say that I have started my career with Aruhat. When I joined Aruhat I had no experience in technologies in an IT field. Aruhat has provides me a platform to enhance my skills. What I like most in the company is the complete end-to-end responsibility given to an individual who is responsible for it. Management support here is awesome.”
Tushar Malvi
Sr. Software Engineer
“This is a place where you can work with new learning at every step of your career aligned with company goals. It is a place where business risk factor analysis is performed before allocation of any task. At Aruhat fun is mixed with work along with knowledge sharing. At last I will say Aruhat has a good KRA system with focus work allocation. Aruhat provides an opportunity of taking ownership responsibility with a dynamic approach.”
Vaishal Patel
Internet Marketing Executive
“Since I have joined Aruhat, I have seen the company grow exponentially. From immense growth and learning company has change drastically as per market need. Aruhat provides one stop solution of client needs in trading solution. I have learned here many skills like client interaction, client review and client satisfaction. Aruhat strengths lie in its products and service level.”
Vijay Gadhiya
Sr. Sales Executive
“In the short span of three months that I have been in the company, learning has been great, and the experience is full of encouraging. At Aruhat from planning to decision making and execution of a given task have been taken care by an individual who is responsible for it which implies complete empowerment of a given task to an individual. Three months is too short time to understand an organization. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed my work here and as per my opinion Aruhat is a great company to work for, with good colleagues and a helpful top management to guide the way.“
Vivek Chauhan
Business Development Executive

Career Opportunities
You have a career opportunity at Aruhat if you are a Student/Internship, Fresher, Experienced or a Professional. Aruhat has the following Domain wise opportunities for you to Join & Excel in Aruhat:

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