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September 2015

TeleOSS SMS Gateway: Enabling Client Growth Successfully

  • A Whooping 60 Times Growth in 2 Years: One of our Clients, a Retail SMS Aggregator scaled up their business from 5 Million SMS per month to 300 Million SMS per month in just 2 years.

Yes, 60 Times Growth


  • A Strong Vision to become one of the Top SMS Aggregators in the Country
  • Commitment to Quality Services
  • Strong Sales & Vendor Management Strategies
  • Early Adoption of an exemplary Technology for Retail SMS Aggregation
  • Backing of a Technology Vendor with Agile Support & Development
  • Having a Technology Vendor from the same Industry, who understand the criticality of things
  • Double the Better: One of our SMS Aggregator Clients has Established another Company for Retail SMS Services and adopted TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software as the Technology for the business.

The Growth they achieved with their Business vision & our Technology, has given them the trust to strategize an additional Business Plan and go for it

We are ready to create many such success stories for our Clients. Come, give us the Opportunity to be a Major Factor in your Success

Tanzania Welcomes SMS Services of VIBGYORtel

VIBGYORtel has started giving SMS Services in Tanzania with Quality Routes. One of the Clients from Tanzania has already started sending SMS

Quality SMPP SMS Routes to India

You think of SMS Routes to India, you think of VIBGYORtel SMS Services. Get Quality SMS Routes to India, SMPP Connections, compliance to the TRAI Guidelines and High Delivery Ratio.

Why us? Check our India SMPP Route


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