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How Pricing Intelligence offers Competitive Edge to Ecommerce Industry


Pricing Intelligence Solutions retrieve product and pricing information from competitor as well as market leader websites varying in required details. It allows an Ecommerce business ensure that it remains one step ahead of the market competition.

Pricing tools collect and filter competitive data converting it in to intelligence. They fetch data at scheduled interval of time with automation – tracking competitor’s online presence.

Behind the scenes, data extractors extract details on product, pricing and other web information from competitor portals. This information can be delivered directly from individual/multiple competitor sites complemented with in-depth data analytics.

The pricing solution can offer competitive and strategic data like

  • Fetching competitor’s prices which would be higher or lower in comparison
  • Fetching product information from competitors sites to improve the catalogue
  • Raise, lower or match your pricing with competitors to automate the process
  • Setting alerts and notifications on competitor’s product movements on its portal
  • Single screen dashboard that shows summarized competitor analytics
  • Set prices enabling you to sell more, maximize profits and win customers


Multiple Ways to use Pricing Intelligence

There are multiple ways to use Pricing Intelligence both technically and in business both at strategic and operational levels. The data fetching process will extract/collect entire product details from competitors web portals or market leaders sites like Amazon and eBay.

Other options can be extracting on basis of specific categories of product, named products, matched products, products that result from a search and more. The product matching can be applied and can also be automated.

Users of Pricing Intelligence Product

The users of this product may include online retailers with multiple products covering single/multiple categories, niche selling domains in competitive markets or Google/Amazon/eBay traders with smaller range of products. All can take the competitive advantage by tracking the single/multiple online market places standing one step ahead of the competition.

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