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Web Data Extraction Platform using Social Media Insights for Online Trend Analysis



Social media is used as an online marketing channel to summarize what users are saying in a given professional and social environment. Web data extraction platform can provide data for research and analytics to derive patterns, trends and conclusions using these media insights. The extracted data can be inserted into text analytical tools, to mine data sources and different marketing channels. It may be an alert generated or can be a signal to an action triggered as an end result.

For e.g When a company takes some decision like changing its product pricing – its effect can be negative. If that company can track the negative response by using some data sources it can quickly react on that negative response – taking faster action and have required alternatives ready for strategic implementation.

Measuring Social Media Marketing:

One of the most valuable actions to track marketing efforts is the call-to-action. Call-to-action has intent to inquire and the process further leads to lead generation, negotiation and finally purchase. The click-through rates from marketing efforts like social media promotions and its further response can thus be utilized to track the intension of buying through that medium.

The analysis can further be used to choose the best medium for social media marketing be it be group advertisements, promotional advertisements, simple discussions or may be other mediums like more tweets, linkedIn messages or facebook paid promotions.

Measuring Pre-launch Trend Analysis:

Tacking customers’ willingness to try your product with promotions like social-media teasers or free product trail version offered before the releases. It can help measure the product’s usage willingness among your target audience.

It may include the number of comments for interest or disinterest for the product, likes or dislikes on social media can be monitored, tracked and measured. May be it can give you a added clue to add/delete/modify any feature or features included in your product portfolio.

Triggers Measuring Data Feed Alerts:

A trigger can be created on a set of user-defined data filter criteria using analytical methods and drawing data from multiple sources. The data is consumed as events wherein every event is uniquely identified. Each such event can be also be supplemented with additional information, such as location, temperature or just comments.

Triggers can be configured to send alerts, such as e-mails, when a set of alerting criteria are met which can come from real-time data extracted from a required and given data source. The trigger criteria will depend on the data feeded which can be integration of data, views and analysis to it which can be standard or custom based.

Social Media Trend Analysis:

The complex databases can provide number of features for analysis including the history, periodic information updates and real-time information. Today it may include the number of likes, dislikes, comments and responses from the targeted audience.

Aruhat Technologies:

A study was performed by Aruhat Technologies – on the frequency count of tweets on health topics during a 24 hour period using a provided illness term taxonomy. In this study a specific geography and product list of the top-five trending terms from that taxonomy list were used in the analysis.

The first functional requirement included trending a location, geography scan, periodic trend reports, email trends and downloads. The second included social media trends like number of tweets on the specific analytical keywords, creating specific groups similar to facebook (as at that time twitter does not supported “Group” features), inviting group members, invitation acceptance, group removal and sending of links by target audiences related to that keywords.

DataCrops web data extraction platform:

DataCrops web data extraction platform for ‘Online Market Intelligence‘ has been designed to effectively build market intelligence for organizations. It helps gaining business analytics, competitive intelligence, brand intelligence and ultimately empower resources by automatically extracting data from multiple web sources. It assists in keeping tap on information like product prices, product reviews, price movements and competitor moves in media.

Web sources include, webpages, blogs, deep web, login-protected sites, RSS feeds, social media. The solution enables automated scheduled data delivery to key decision makers with preferred reports via dashboard, email, FTP, integrate with other IT infrastructure.

If you are interested in learning more, check out our website https://www.aruhat.com/datacrops, and enroll for a product demo by contacting at anil@aruhat.com.

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