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Aruhat Launches New Website for its Data Intelligence Product


Nov 29, 2016. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

With continuous success in the persistent transformation process and its state-of-the-art approach of “Technology Enabling Business”  Aruhat Technologies has launched new website for its web data extraction and data intelligence product DataCrops. The DataCrops product now will act as a new entity, with Aruhat growing its team size, encompassing newer business domains and extending technical depth in its solutions.

With all these stable developments, DataCrops is now organized and eager to enter the new markets with continuous growth in its products and solutions. The fully redesigned website will offer visitors more affluent insights and mutual growth prospects. The website has multiple sections with product, solution and corporate information.

The new website goes live today, and is located at web address: http://www.datacrops.com. The website will regularly be updated with new articles, news and events, business and corporate milestones. Visitors will be stimulated to explore the website and sign up for information from the Company data resources.

More about DataCrops :

DataCrops is a scalable and robust software that intelligently extracts information from multiple web data sources through a self-enhanced technology. It fetches complex data, transform and load it, ensuring the delivery of correct information at correct time and format.

About Aruhat :

Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2004 at Ahmedabad, India with a vision to provide technologies for constant business improvements of its clients. It offers data extraction, data intelligence and MVAS products and solutions, to optimize web data and communication technologies.

Aruhat has succeeded with its continuous transformation towards offering product based solutions around its innovative and ever evolving technologies to serve and extend its business reach to the world-wide marketplace with its products DataCrops and TeleOSS.

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