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April 2015

Incremental and Aggressive Business Growth of Clients through TeleOSS Platform

TeleOSS Clients are growing aggressively with the platform. Total TeleOSS messaging usage in July, 2014 was 88 million increased to 125 million till August, 2014 and it further incremented to 150 million till April, 2015.

TeleOSS Clients achieved crucial target of 10,617 users between time period of April 2014 to April, 2015. TeleOSS achieved this by its global business reach. More aboutTeleOSS

Aruhat shares “How TeleOSS assist Organizations with multiple Messaging Solutions under one umbrella”

Enterprise messaging solutions allow businesses to communicate to networks around the world. TeleOSS Messaging Suite enables businesses to communicate through a converged delivery platform by delivering solutions for Gateway, Router, Hub, Trivia, M2M, Mcommerce and Business solutions under one umbrella globally. More aboutTeleOSS Solutions 

TeleOSS published “Global Business Expansion Opportunities with SMS Gateway & Hub”

Every organization must look for global business expansion opportunities even at its growing stage. Here is the case study of an organization that was targeting for global expansion considering the market opportunities spread across. However, its current system was not scalable enough to cater to increasing demands.More…

TeleOSS published “Exposure to Advanced Unified MVAS Solutions for Business Process Optimization”

Unified MVAS or Messaging solutions enable optimization of business processes by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow. Corporates need to envision the need of unified communication and enabled processes for faster growth. More…

TeleOSS published “Leverage an Independent SMS Aggregator Platform for Business Success”

The organization was vigorously seeking requirement of an independent SMS Aggregator platform, to offer better services to their customers. Company was using shared platform provided by a vendor for supporting different SMS services. The bigger picture towards growth made them search for an independent platform provider, to scale up their SMS services.More…

Aruhat shares “How DataCrops assist Organizations with multiple Data & Analytical Solutions under one umbrella”

Data Intelligence unlocks hidden data opportunities and business insights. DataCrops Solutions enable businesses through advanced technology by delivering Web data extraction, Pricing Intelligence, Lead Intelligence and analytic solutions under one umbrella. More aboutDataCrops Solutions

DataCrops shares “How to Optimize Business Strategy using Price Monitoring Software”

Retailers need not to slash their profit margins to remain competitive. Instead have only those products which makes sense to sell, apply intelligence to your pricing to beat competition and apply repricing based on business results. Learn how to raise profits by applying an intelligent business pricing strategy. More about Price Monitoring Software

DataCrops shares “Need of Repricing Solutions for optimizing multiple online channels”

Updating product prices on each online channel when there are multiple strategies behind that pricing is time consuming. That’s where pricing and repricing tools come in picture. Explore Solutions which assist Etailers/Amazon-eBay sellers uphold uniform prices across all their online selling channels. More aboutRepricing Solutions

DataCrops shares “How to improve Sales Conversions using Lead Generation Tool”

Want to improve sales conversions? Connect with DataCrops, so that we can tell you how to build your Sales pipelines using B2B Lead Generation Tool and stay focused on profitable business. More aboutB2B Lead Generation Tool

DataCrops shares “How Retail Data Intelligence can assist Etailers for business optimization”

Getting into an online buyers head is the 1st step in getting them to shop. A little intelligence in pricing can do wonders for Retailers. Complete game is about proving to the buyer that the price and timing are correct. Retail Intelligence can improve sales for retailers. More aboutRetail Intelligence.

DataCrops shares “Evolution of Pricing Strategy with Competitor Price Monitoring Software”

Etailers have evolved that slight price changes leads to change in web traffic affecting profits. However they instead of considering the short term results, need to better evolve with informed pricing strategy by monitoring competitors and market leaders by explore price monitoring software for required evolution. More about Price Monitoring Solutions

DataCrops published “Web Data Extraction using Social Media Insights for Online Trend Analysis”

Social media is used as an online marketing channel to summarize what users are saying in a given professional and social environment. Web data extraction platform can provide data for research and analytics to derive patterns, trends and conclusions using these media insights.More…

Testimonial For TeleOSS Team

Dear Team Aruhat,
It has nice experience to work with the team like you. You all did a very good effort due to which I can able to stabilize my traffic and growth too. I really love to work with you on new concepts and ideas.  

Thanks to the team for giving extra support on holidays as well.

Client from India.

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