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Corporate Newsletter March 2015



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March 2015

Incremental and Aggressive Business Growth of Clients through TeleOSS Platform

TeleOSS Clients are growing aggressively with the platform. Total TeleOSS messaging usage in July, 2014 was 88 million increased to 136 million till September, 2014 and it further incremented to 154 million till March, 2015.

TeleOSS Clients achieved crucial target of 10,437 users between time period of April 2014 to March, 2015. TeleOSS achieved this by its global business reach. More aboutTeleOSS

Aruhat gets a new European Client on-board with target of doubling its business value soon using TeleOSS

Aruhat got live a new client from UK for TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software Platform with present SMS Volume of 100K SMS/Month while they have targeted to push 200K SMS volume per month using TeleOSS very soon serving UK and other parts of Europe. More onTeleOSS

TeleOSS introduces SMS Hub platform for SMS Wholesalers,VOIP providers & SMS Retailers

TeleOSS SMS hub offers integrated interconnection model for messaging, enabling service and network providers (MNO/MVNOs) to reach globally. The platform provides reliable and easy to use interface, rule based routing engine for routing traffic as per business requirements with live traffic monitoring and exhaustive reporting tool. More onTeleOSS SMS HUB

TeleOSS published “Future Prospects of Mobile VAS Ecosystem”

Telecom industry is going through major changes in recent times. All small, medium as well as bigger players in the Mobile VAS ecosystem are responding to it with their own innovative business and technology strategies. Go through key changes, strategies and future road-map. Read about MVAS Ecosystem More…

TeleOSS published “SMS Router During Unpredictable Network Congestion”

Messaging traffic in the busiest hours of the day with number of messages sent by an average subscriber definitely strains the overall messaging capacity. Optimizing SMS resource utilization on the network by combining multiple standalone nodes and efficiently using the aggregate system capacity to route traffic across these connected points on the network can solve the real problem.More…

DataCrops announces “An Alarming situation for Manufacturers”

With retail industry becoming highly competitive, retailers are dealing with both quality products and very competitive pricing. This is alarming for manufacturers – need is to chase changing market behavior, competitors and current retail trends by extracting, using right data to position their product portfolio, pricing and protect market brand value. More aboutManufacturing Intelligence

DataCrops published “How Do Assortment, Segmentation & Pricing Affect Ecommerce Performance!”

Ecommerce is one of fastest and largest growing sales channel now globally. Today on daily basis offline shoppers are switching to Online shopping. View how do Assortment, Segmentation and Pricing affect Online Shopping. More…

DataCrops published “Competitive Ecommerce Intelligence: How Retailers can Optimize Online Sales”

The channel shift to online shopping continues speedily, which has resulted into the increasing demand of Ecommerce portals and market-places globally. Online retailers have no other option but to optimize their performance on the digital shelf, using Competitive Ecommerce Intelligence.More…

DataCrops published “Why lowering prices isn’t always a worthy pricing strategy”

Applying low prices through out the year can spoil the brand. Pricing Intelligence enables competitive and profitable product pricing decisions which makes pricing strategy effective and offer better results.More…

DataCrops shares “How can you be sure that you are always on top of your competition?”

With gradually decreasing brand loyalty in ecommerce business where product pricing is constantly changing, how can you be sure that you are always on top of your competition? The solution lies in consistently tracking your competition’s pricing strategies. Is such control over your entire portfolio possible? With DataCrops Pricing Intelligence Solutions, we think yes. More aboutPricing Intelligence.

DataCrops shares “How Pricing your products on Amazon and eBay can be tricky”

Pricing your products and selling on Ecommerce market leaders like Amazon and eBay can be quite tricky, however Aruhat offers the top product, pricing and re-pricing solutions for strategizing to win the Buy Box, boost sales, increase profits and champion the online marketplace. More aboutPricing & Repricing Tools

Testimonial For ScrapingExpert Team

ScrapingExpert team did an excellent job. The price was right, and I had them do multiple customizations, which they did quickly. Their service were very good and I will definitely use them again.

Client from USA.

More on ScrapingExpert.Com



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