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Why Ecommerce Needs Automated Data Extraction From Amazon & eBay


To run an Ecommerce business like Amazon or eBay – selling multiple products online one needs to contact and rely on different vendors for product details about all items in different categories available to sell online through its web portal.

One of them is by product feeds wherein external vendors provide information to implement piece by piece on the site. The other option can be cut and paste from vendors website or product pages.

Both above ways take lot of efforts however this information is needed by the user before buying the product. The key point is one needs this details to optimize the sales and even marketing so there should be a better option to execute this in a more simpler way with lesser efforts and time.


One should surely opt for automation techniques like web data extraction and fetch information feeds for each product, instead of time and effort consuming ‘copy and paste’ or text implementation option.

Web Data Extraction will crawl and fetch web content from internet bringing required information back as structured data that you can store in a database or on a spreadsheet, analyze and automate it.

The information is used for online price comparisons, product intelligence, repricing, web integration and analytics. Market intelligence explored from this information is used for taking informed and quick e-business decisions.




Extracting Amazon and eBay data like pricing with the product list assists an online business grow by taking advantage of quoting competitive and best rates online. Extracted data and applied online market intelligence offer a base to form a flexible marketing strategy with a quick assistance in market and pricing survey.


Online Market Intelligence is similar or a step further to Web Data Extraction which applies intelligence after or within data extraction using a sophisticated Data Intelligence Solution in a methodical, systematic and automated way – also letting the extracted and analytical data to be saved as per users choice.

DataCrops product portfolio includes solutions like Web Extraction & Data Intelligence, Product & Pricing Intelligence, Repricing Solutions and the latest Amazon-eBay Repricing Tools.

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