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Corporate Newsletter September 2014



September 2014

TeleOSS released “Unified MVAS Solutions WhitePaper”

Unified MVAS or Messaging solutions enable optimization of business processes by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow. We released this whitepaper for Corporates to understand need to envision unified communication and enabled processes for faster growth. The WhitePaper talks about advanced unified VAS solutions with useful business impacts.More…

TeleOSS released “Enterprise Grade SMS Gateway Platform Data Sheet”

With this release we have gone in-depth with SMS Gateway Software Platform and its expected service, operational & business excellence. Have explained required scalability with exhaustive features a SMS Gateway Software should be to enable operations & improve business. TeleOSS SMS Gateway Data Sheet talks about detailed system performance and technical specifications.More…

TeleOSS released “SMS Gateway Platform Online Demo”

TeleOSS released Online Demo Video of SMS Gateway Platform. The video runs you through the complete SMS Gateway Software Features. Go through Demo Video

The Stable & Scalable TeleOSS SMS Gateway

  • One of TeleOSS’s Kenyan Client has successfully grown to 1000+ Clients and NO STOPPING
  • TeleOSS successfully reached the 50.7 Million & 36 Million SMS per month Volume Feat for Clients in India & Nigeria respectively. More about TeleOSS…

DataCrops published “Ecommerce Industry Problems & their Solutions to get over them”

Article talks about various problems that ecommerce businesses commonly face involving sales, services, data and pricing. By finding right solutions like pricing intelligence to beat competition for online ecommerce sales, you don’t only save lots of time but also improve ROI.More…

DataCrops published “Price Optimization Solutions for Hotel Industry”

The problems with pricing business cycles is still an issue in hospitality industry. The article talks key issues with pricing strategies based on single dimensional strategic, business and historic views – missing out on key decision-making factors which can be obtained by using Competitive Price Intelligence Solutions, Data Extraction with Intelligence and Analytics for Hotels.More…

Some of the Client Testimonials

For TeleOSS Team

It was nice experience to work with the team like you. You all did a very good effort in past week due to which I can able to stabilize my traffic and growth too. I really love to work with you on new concepts and ideas.

Thanks & Regards,

Rahul B Bhanushali.( Director)

Dove-Soft Pvt. Ltd.

More on SMS Gateway Platform

For DataCrops Team

Thank you very much. It works perfectly and is the best Linkedin data scraper I have seen. I like the way it emulates a user and is very accurate. Well done!!! With best regards,

– Rodney Epstein (UK).More…


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