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Aruhat Technologies launches DataCrops 5.0 Platform on KMWorld


Jul 15, 2013

Aruhat Technologies which provides web data extraction and online market intelligence solutions to global industries, announced the release of its DataCrops 5.0 product platform today – July 15, 2013 on KMWorld.

The latest release is a future ready web data extraction product platform that “Converts Data Into Business” for multiple domains. The platform enables organizations to convert every opportunity generated by interactions in their business ecosystem with a more flexible and independent model.
DataCrops 5.0 is an enterprise grade platform which connects with each and every component of the ecosystem. It extracts unstructured information and convert it into business & competitive insights with integration to existing IT infrastructure. It is specially designed for Organizations to meet dynamically changing market demands and increasing business competition in the global marketplace.
DataCrops 5.0 features include:
  • More powerful industry independent platform with delivery of pre-configured web data crawler flows – flexible and configurable system to define and schedule jobs for extraction; dashboard and analytics interface
  • Strong platform providing interface to any web data source with HTML, AJAX, JavaScript based web sources; secured web sources with User ID/Password, digital certificates; integrate with standard Java, SOAP, REST interfaces for data source
  • Enrich, Transform and Load data to any platform by executing unique algorithms for data pattern matching & filtering, enrichment, data modeling & maintenance
  • Enterprise Security and Maintenance modules manage data security and control with role based access to business users as well as IT administrators. Provides auto maintenance feature for upgrading web data sources structures & Data repository via GUI
  • Hardware Independent Platform can be implemented on any standard hardware from HP to IBM and deployed on Cent OS, Linux OS platforms

The system extracts information from online sources of ecosystem components viz. Online portals, customer reviews, customer buying pattern, social media, news feeds, market place, competitor websites, secured sites, hidden web & much more. The data is enriched and automated to generate information which is ready to use for multiple business applications.

The platform is build on scalable architecture to plug N number of data sources and deliver data via multiple industry compliant interfaces to organization’s IT infrastructure. The in-built intelligence engine provides competitive advantage to the organizations.
About Aruhat Technologies:
Aruhat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2004 in Ahmedabad, India with a vision ‘to take India and belongings a step further in their life styles and/or living standard by continuous improvements and innovations backed by core competence’.
Aruhat is moving towards product based solutions around its emerging technologies to serve and extend its business reach to the global marketplace. For more information, please visit https://www.aruhat.com/datacrops.
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