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Corporate Newsletter December 2014



December 2014

Incremental and Aggressive Business Growth of Clients through TeleOSS Platform

TeleOSS Clients are growing aggressively with the platform. Total TeleOSS messaging usage in August, 2013 was 12 million increased to 88 million till July, 2014 and it further incremented to 156 million till December, 2014.

TeleOSS Clients achieved crucial target of 9647 users between time period of April 2014 to December 2014. TeleOSS achieved this by its global business reach. More about TeleOSS…

TeleOSS Year 2015 Special Offer for SMS Aggregators valid till January 31st 2015

Aruhat brings to all SMS Aggregators the one of a kind Year 2015 Special Offer. Order TeleOSS SMS Gateway Software by January 31st 2015 and Go Live with your SMS Aggregation Services at very affordable rates. Hurry Offer is Limited.More…

TeleOSS published Case Study “Augmenting Business Opportunities with SMS Gateway Platform”

Every start-up need string base for success. Here is case study of 2 companies were searching for business opportunities, that can lead both organizations towards their goals and there upon they just counted on Aruhat’s TeleOSS Platform for reaching up to benchmark they had set. More…

Aruhat releases “DataCrops Social Media Data Intelligence Offering”

Social Media Intelligence offering includes data extraction grabbing ever-expanding user generated content that companies are interested in for like product reviews, feedbacks, complaints, brand analysis & much more. Includes fetching of content, updates, discussions, promotions, images, etc.More…

DataCrops published “9 Ways for Increasing Ecommerce Sales on Amazon, eBay & Independent Portals”

The selling opportunities on Amazon, eBay and other Ecommerce marketplaces are ever increasing. Whether you’re a small seller, a large seller or an aspiring seller, there are certain things that you can do to improve your chances of success.More…

DataCrops published “How to use price comparison tools for E-commerce Industry?”

Price comparison tools have changed consumer buying patterns and the way retailers have been doing business in terms of product selling which changed their profit margins.More…

DataCrops published “Why Data Intelligence is needed in Planning Business for Year 2015?”

Collect data, analytics and apply Data Intelligence in your Organization, making sure its implementation be part of your yearly strategic business plan.More…

DataCrops showcased “Wherein Online Market Intelligence (OMI) adds value!”

Online Market Intelligence is sometimes confused or interpreted as Business Intelligence and Competitor Intelligence. Learn how OMI plays key role to beat competition with data insights formulated from different web sources by systematic online data gathering.More…

DataCrops published “5 Powerful Paths For Retailers To Identify What Their Consumers Want”

DataCrops presents 5 powerful paths for Retailers to create consumers needs. Using competitive data analytics retailers can explore more about their customers, the buying patterns, track store inventory, forecast right, sale more with pricing intelligence and product uniqueness.More…

Testimonial For ScrapingExpert Team

It has been a real pleasure working with ScrapingExpert. They have a very professional setup. Project brief and financial aspects are confirmed by a Team Leader / Coordinator. The project is then assigned to an appropriate technical expert who keeps in very good contact. ScrapingExpert are based in India, this was my first time going offshore and has been a great experience. I have many other projects to develop and ScrapingExpert will definitely be given my ongoing work.

Craig (New Zealand)

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